Nature provides everything it needs to sustain itself

Here at, we believe that nature has provided everything that it needs to sustain itself. This means that no matter what you want to grow in your garden, you’ll have the resources to help your plants grow. With the help of our kitchen composters, compost bins and worm compost bins, rain collection barrels and cold frame gardening products, you’ll be able to turn food scraps and yard waste into useful fertilizer, save rainwater for irrigation and protect your plants from animals or the elements with ease.

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Rain Collection Barrels

RT501059B-2Rain collection barrels can help with the cost of watering your garden.  Rain is collected through your gutter system and downspout and held in a barrel.  This barrel will have a screen at the point where the water enters the barrel to keep leaves and other large particles out.  It will also have a spigot at the bottom for removing the water.

This water is not only free but does not contain the chemicals often found in municipal water systems. Easy to set up and easy to use, the rain collection barrel is a must for the home gardener.

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Cold Frame Gardening

Cold Frame-PolycarbonateEven for the novice gardener, cold frame gardening is a simple and inexpensive way to start seeds or to extend the growing season. Since the cold frame is solar heated, there is no need for electricity or water.  The cold frame can be used as a stationary mini greenhouse, mobile greenhouse or tabletop greenhouse for those gardeners that have difficulty bending to ground level. Cold frame gardening is very much the same whether done on a very small scale or larger scale. Once plants are placed inside the frame and the frame is closed, moisture and heat are trapped inside.  During warmer weather, the frames need to be vented to prevent overheating of the plants.  A good way to check on your plants is to place a thermometer inside the cold frame.

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Composting Systems

Composting systems are natures way of recycling. No garden is complete without a compost pile.  Compost feeds the soil, helps hard soils drain and helps loose soil retain water and nutrients by turning your yard and kitchen waste into a soil amendment.

65 Gallon Compost Bin

Compost Bin

The two basic elements of compost are green garden debris and brown garden debris.  The green debris would be grass clippings and old plant material that has seen better days.  Brown debris would be dry leaves or twigs.  The green debris is high in nitrogen and the brown debris is high in carbon.  The ratio of green material to brown material should be approximately one to two.  This will allow the compost pile to break down faster.

Do not add meats, dairy, oils or diseased plants to your compost pile.

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A Wonderful Countertop Compost Container

A countStainless Steel Compost Keeperertop compost container simply collects your kitchen food scraps until you are ready to move them to your compost bin.  Collecting your vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells with a countertop compost container allows you to take the compost to your composter at your convenience.  A charcoal filter or a tight-fitting lid will keep your countertop container from releasing odors into your kitchen.  Composting your kitchen scraps will produce an organic mulch which will add nutrients to your garden soil and will reduce the amount of garbage that will end up in a landfill.

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Worm Compost Bins

Worm Compost Bins are an extremely easy way to turn everyday kitchen scraps into an unbeatable soil amendment.  In your worm compost bin you will want to put some damp shredded newspaper, some dried leaves and a handful of soil.  To this mixture, you will add red worms.  Your worm compost bins may be kept indoors or outdoors as there will be little to no odor.  Your kitchen scraps will be added to the top and the worms will make their way into these scraps, eating them as they go. In a few weeks you will be left with “worm castings” which are far superior to commercial fertilizer.

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Compost Tumbler

Comming soon…more information on compost tumblers.

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